Services for
Chemical Consumers
Storage - Packaging - Governmental


Industrial Chemicals, Inc.
has over 35,000 square feet of
warehouse space including heated
storage and a segregated building
for flammables.

We offer a full range of
warehousing services for many
chemical products.

Our facility is located in
Richmond, VA and is 5 miles from
the Port of Richmond and is
90 miles from the many ports
in Hampton Roads.

We will receive, stock, and deliver
pre-qualified chemical items.

In addition to storage we can
offer additional services.


- Lot segregation
- Shrink wrapping
- Transportation
- Blending
- Bar coding
- Heated storage

Industrial Chemicals, Inc. has the
capability to manage inventories
on customer's sites.  We currently
perform this through electronic
transmission and automatic
replenishment of minimum inventories.
This is a relatively low cost way
to ensure appropriate inventory

We also handle consigned materials for
customers and handle all logistics
functions.  This aids our customers in
maximizing floor space and minimizing
inventory dollars. Our inventory control
personnel are extremely conscientious
and offer a high service level.


Industrial Chemicals
actively sells to many government
agencies including military bases and
supply depots.  We are located ¼ mile
from DSCR (Defense Supply Center of
Richmond) in Richmond, VA.

We meet the special needs of governmental
agencies and their suppliers with a
diverse selection of services and
products including:

- Repacking services for delivery to DSCR
and other government facilities.
- Drums, Totes, 5-gallon pails, 1 gallon
containers, or custom sizes
- Goods inspection at origin
- Local storage
- Local delivery
- Bar coding and appropriate
government paperwork

Contact us for further details.